An adept Virtualization Consultant with 25 years experience in the Information Technology industry. A specialist in the design, integration and implementation of complex virtual environments with 15 years specific and in-depth experience with Citrix virtualization technologies. Strong leadership and Project Management skills ensure the on time completion of projects within the allocated budget. Exceptional communication skills including the ability to easily make sense of complex issues.

As a Consultant I am primarily engaged on client facing professional services engagements and lead the technical aspects of virtualization projects. My responsibilities include:

  • Manage, design, maintain and upgrade or migrate Citrix environments for clients
  • Troubleshoot application, server and network performance issues
  • Plan and perform all routine administration and maintenance
  • Develop and maintain concise process documentation related to responsibilities
  • Develop, review, recommend and manage budget proposals and project schedules
  • Stay current with trends in virtualization including the latest tools, methods, and measures within virtualization

The virtualization projects I have worked on can generally be classified into three skill categories. These are high level architecture and design; systems engineering and implementations and systems administration and management. Some projects require the use of all three categories while others have only required one specific skill level.

Some of the clients for whom I have successfully completed virtualization projects include:

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  • Ian Grobel

    “Cliff is one of those rare technology gurus who really has a complete grasp on his specialty: Citrix and terminal services. He’s worked on a large number of projects for me over the last six years and I’m about to bring him on to another project we just landed. With Cliff handling the architectural aspects of a Citrix implementation, I know I can have complete confidence that I’ll get a top end, rock solid solution. Cliff is my secret weapon for dealing with tough Citrix problems and complicated architectural requirements.”

    Ian Grobel

  • Victor Sepulveda

    “Cliff and I worked at Citrix systems providing technical support services to highly technical engineers around the world. Cliff always demonstrated exceptional leadership and technical skills; often lending a hand to others to better assist customers. Cliff was an asset to Citrix and would be to any firm looking for a skilled practitioner.”

    Victor Sepulveda

  • Andy Seal

    “When you work with Cliff you quickly observe that he has an attention to detail, and uses his breadth of experience to quickly assess a given situation. Cliff takes great pride in providing quality consulting and would be ba assett to any project he was willing to take on.”

    Andy Seal

  • Having worked with Cliff, I can pretty much vouch that he is an expert in this field – a field which confuses the heck out of me – so glad to have guys like him around.

    Fabian venter

  • Charles Comer

    “I hired Cliff as part of our third party Citrix support contract. He was assigned as my primary technical contact and quickly became the primary reason for subsequent renewals. We struck up a solid report, but more importantly, he went beyond my expectations with his knowledge, breadth of resources, and willingness to go beyond our contractual agreement in the spirit of servicing the customer. The physical distance between our offices was seamless and he was used as another Citrix Team member. I worked with Cliff when I was in the Wolseley organization, but since have moved on to a more solid organization. Nevertheless, I still hope to work with Cliff in the future.”

    Charles Comer

  • Dawn Simpson

    “Cliff is an enthusiastic and talented resource. He builds fast rapport and trust with his colleagues and clients. I would recommend Cliff to anyone who is looking to improve their client relationships!”

    Dawn Simpson

  • Neil Parekh

    “We outsourced Cliff to one of our clients for a short-term Citrix administration deal. Cliff was able to win their trust leading to multiple extensions of the engagement. He was great with working with both the client and our own resources on connected projects. We would definitely work with Cliff again if an opportunity were to arise.”

    Neil Parekh

  • Ed Aiken

    “I would recommend Cliff for any and all Citrix related duties from planning to rolling out the final product. In my experience with Cliff he was easy to get along with, came in with a positive can-do attitude, worked well with everyone and had a strong work ethic to complete the tasks he was hired to do. Technically he came in with a very strong knowledge base of Citrix and Microsoft networking and plenty of hands-on real world experience.”

    Ed Aiken

  • Carl Cousino

    I recommend Cliff without hesitation, and especially applaud his ability to work under very tight deadlines. His expertise, focus, and creativity under pressure have made him a tremendous asset to our team.

    Carl Cousino

  • Janson Hoambrecker

    “When I think Citrix Consultant I think Cliff Davies. Cliff is the best Citrix Consultant I have ever worked with and I have worked with a lot of Citrix Consultants in my day. I would recommend Cliff to anyone looking to get a project done that includes Citrix, knowing that it would get done the best and most efficient way possible. Cliff comes with a ton of experience that shows in his detail and quality of work. If you want to get a Citrix project done right the 1st time, consider Cliff as the lead for that project.”

    Janson Hoambrecker

  • Sarah Taylor

    “Cliff and I have worked on many different projects together. I’m always amazed by his vast knowledge and his dedication. He always strives for perfection and Clients continuously ask for him again and again.”

    Sarah Taylor

  • Gaye Tuzemen Berk

    I wonder if you would be interested in full time systems engineering positions with Azure, Microsoft?

  • Jason

    Hi Cliff,

    My name is Jason and I am an internal recruitment manager for Agilisys. If you are ever keen to understand what projects we have in the UK please let me know as we would be keen to speak to you. @Agilisysjobs or http://www.agilisys.co.uk. I am on LinkedIn if you wish to connect and my direct email is Jason.virgin@agilisys.co.uk

    I look forward to potentially liaising with you in the future.

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