Microsoft App-V support in XenDesktop 7

An article by Vidhesh Ramesh from Citrix Blogs

In the latest release of XenDesktop 7.0, one of the many features added is – support to publish Microsoft App-V applications (v5.0) to delivery groups.

In this blog, we intend to take you through the steps needed for deploying and using App-V applications in XenDesktop 7.

Before we start on this integration feature, let me indicate the components required for App-V Deployment:

  1. Microsoft App-V Sequencer
    Is used to create App-V sequences (.appv is the extension).
  2. Microsoft App-V Management and Publishing Server
    These are Server side components of App-V and are used to publish the sequenced App-V packages. User Assignments, Shortcuts, Deployment Configuration, etc. are all configured here.
  3. Microsoft App-V Client
    The App-V client is the end-point software which streams the application on to device from Publishing Server.

In XenDesktop 7.0, administrator can publish App-V sequences or applications to XenDesktop machines using the above components.

Firstly, we need to define the App-V Management Server and Publishing Server (URLs) in Citrix Studio as illustrated in the following screenshot.


App-V Management and Publishing Server in Citrix Studio
App-V Management and Publishing Server in Citrix Studio


After the administrator configures the App-V Management and Publishing Server, App-V applications published in the App-V Publishing Server is enumerated in Citrix Studio along with Master Image applications during creation of Desktops and Applications OR Applications Delivery group, as shown below.

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