Deploying and Branding Receiver X1

An article by Richard Hayton from Citrix Blogs

This is my second blog post in a series related to the Tech Preview of Receiver X1. In my first, I provided background and explained the rational behind X1. This blog is more practical – a step-by-step guide to help you deploy X1. I’ll also show you how to make some simple but powerful customizations to brand X1 to your company colors.

The Tech Preview download is StoreFront 2.7. This is an iteration on 2.6. While there are features beyond X1, I’m going to focus exclusively on X1. For the tech preview, there is no upgrade support. So, please start with a clean machine, or uninstall StoreFront first. (The GA release will support upgrade from earlier releases, but not from the Tech Preview itself).


As a Demonstration,
I’m Going to Install and Use StoreFront on a Virtual Machine.

I’m using Windows 2012 R2 (see the release docs on the download page for full list of supported platforms). The machine should be domain joined, but there are no other pre-requisites.

Step-By-Step Guide

First, download and run the installer. You will need to be an admin to compete the steps I’m demonstrating.


Handle any UAC prompts. (Yes I know it says ‘Citrix Delivery Services’ not ‘Citrix StoreFront. Know that we are currently addressing this obvious bug.


Go through all of the obvious steps until you get to to this point.

Once you click ‘finish,’ the admin console will be opened. (You can open this again by running ‘StoreFront’ from the start screen).

Hint: Pin to task bar


The StoreFront UI should be familiar to previous StoreFront admins. No big changes here:

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