Problems adding XenServer to a domain and specifying the OU

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I recently encountered a bizarre XenServer issue which I though I’d share as it will save you some time if you encounter the same. I was surprised there was no information already available about it, and Googling the error (which is generally a good first step) only showed up one very old forum thread for XenServer.
Updated 19/01/15 with details of the FQDN hostname issue affecting domain joins

Objective: To lock down XenCenter and XAPI user authentication to authorised users based on exsting Active Directory groups.

As you might know, XenServer supports native AD integration for management user authentication by adding the host to the domain. To achieve this, XenServer uses code from BeyondTrust called Likewise (since renamed PowerBroker) which gets called via the relevant XE commands or equivalent XAPI via XenCenter actions.

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