Delivering Contextual Security with SmartControl

An article by Kurt Roemer from Citrix Blogs

Control is a core requirement for delivering on the promises of security – but how can enterprise control align with a threat landscape that is constantly changing due to seemingly unbounded user and usage situations? And, how can this access be unified across all internal and external applications to both enforce security and provide for a superior user experience?

Today’s enterprise security control has to be effected across dynamic access situations that involve combinations of devices, networks, services, applications, locations and the policies designed to protect sensitive enterprise data. These situations can change multiple times throughout the day, as users work from different locations, utilize different devices and networks and access enterprise, SaaS and cloud-based applications to do their jobs.

In the “good old days” before rampant mobility and consumerization, access controls were applied just at the point of login. The evolution of access into highly dynamic usage scenarios has highlighted the need for contextual security, which enables security measures to match the situational-specific policies required to protect sensitive data.

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