Self-Service App Deployment with VMware Application Director

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VMware vFabric Application Director is an application provisioning solution that simplifies and automates deployments of enterprise applications into hybrid cloud environments. Application arcitects can use the Application Director’s drag-and-drop canvas to create visual application blueprints. These blueprints standardize the structure of the application, including software components, dependencies, and configurations, for repeated deployments. With a pre-populated, extensible catalog of standard virtual machine templates, application infrastructure components, and scripts, architects can create a blueprint in minutes.

The video below shows how Application Director’s Command Line Interface (CLI) can be used alongside VMware’s cloud stack to support a self-service portal for provisioning cloud applications. It shows how an end-user can use the self-service portal to select a particular application from the catalog and then request that application to be deployed. The detailed steps for this process are as follows:

  • End User orders a service from VSM CP
  • Admin/Manager approves request in VSM CP
  • VSM CP calls to vCO to feed Application Director
  • vCO captures status and updates VSM CP
  • Application Director deploys the app with vCD
  • vCD receives a registered vApp
  • VSM CP notifies the user

Source: VMware Blogs

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