Using SQLFire to improve application performance and scalability

An interesting article was posted by Mark Chmarny on the VMware vFabric Blog that talks about improving the performance of Web applications in a Cloud environment. The article covers how managing the performance of Cloud applications is one of the main challenges and how using SQLFire can increase throughput and decrease latency.

It is well known that databases are a common bottleneck when it comes to performance and especially disk-based architectures that cannot handle with the read-write access demands of online applications.

To increase the throughput and decrease the latency, the data needs to be brought closer to the data consumption points:

SQLFire provides that extra performance with the familiarity of SQL interface. It accelerates your application performance, minimizing latency and increasing overall reliability by pooling memory, CPU and network resources across a cluster of machines.

In addition to the performance, SQLFire also delivers numerous build-in data synchronization features. For example, in order to continue supporting legacy data-flows in your current solution, SQLFire can make your new “fast data” also available to back-office applications.

SQLFire’s asynchronous “write behind” pattern has been designed for very high reliability and can handle many failure conditions as persistent queues ensure write operations are performed even when the backend database is temporarily unavailable. SQLFire supports multiple options for how these events can be queued, batched, and written to the underlining database.

Below is the Demo video on SQLFire that shows the impact when deploying a sample application to a shared hosting environment. The purpose of the demo is to focus on the performance gains SQLFire delivers to a Web application while still supporting the legacy database.

Mark’s original post on the VMware vFabric Blog can be found here.

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