App-V 5 and Provisioning Services

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In my last blog 7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn App-V 5 I talked about how important it is for you to start playing around with App-V 5.

Since all Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop and RDS should be running App-V 5 with Shared Content Store it’s important to leverage Windows 2012 and SMB 3.0 as I wrote about in this post Make your network 10x faster.

With App-V 5 you can easily publish all packages from a folder. This is the PowerShell script I’m running at startup for my XenApp 6.5 VM’s streamed with Provisioning Services.

It first removes all the packages and then it grabs and publishes all those App-V packages and App Connection Groups from a DFS-R share hosted on Windows 2012.

Import-Module AppvClient
Remove-AppvClientPackage -Name *
Get-ChildItem "\\ctxlab\appv5\packages\WS2008\" -recurse -force -include *.appv | Add-AppvClientPackage | Publish-AppvClientPackage –global
Add-AppvClientConnectionGroup -Path '\\ctxlab\appv5\packages\PG\JDK Netbeans.xml' | Enable-AppvClientConnectionGroup –Global

On Windows 2008 you needed to choose between Windows Server Full or Windows Server Core during the installation. With Windows Server 2012 you can simply install the GUI, configure your software and then remove the GUI with PowerShell.

Remove-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Shell, Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra

I would recommend you locking down most of your Windows 2012 Servers this way, you can always enable it later if needed.

So my Citrix Provisioning Services 6.2 is running on Windows 2012, but I have used the App-V 5 Sequencer to virtualize the Provisioning Services Console and run it from my XenApp Desktop.

App V 5 with Provisioning Services 01 238x300 App V 5 and Provisioning Services

So what do you need to get started?

RDS CALs (2008 R2) include an App-V CAL so you really just need to install the App-V 5 RDS client on your servers, an App-V 5 Sequenzer machine and a share to put the packages.

If you need more information I’ve created this App-V 5 Training Course to get you up to speed. This is the fastest and easiest way to learn Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.


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