Application delivery to virtual desktops

I recetly read an intersting article by Thomas Berger, an Architect within the Citrix Worldwide Consulting Solutions Team. In the article Thomas shows how organizations are deploying applications to the virtual desktop using the design benchmarks within the Desktop Transformation Accelerator. As the Accelerator has over 8.500 projects registered, it is one of the most extensive information repositories on desktop transformation projects and is able to provide the following chart:

Image from Thomas Berger’s article

From the graphic above it is clear that the most popular delivery approach is to install some applications locally (on the virtual desktop) and have some applications hosted (on XenApp). Reasons why this approach is so popular are that some organizations decide to use XenDesktop just for demanding users such as software developers or engineers. The common applications are published via XenApp and the user-specific applications for the demanding users are installed on the virtual desktop.

Other organizations do the opposite. They deliver a virtual desktop to all users and the common applications (such as Microsoft Office) are installed locally on the virtual desktop. The user-specific applications are then published via XenApp, especially those applications that require a high speed back end connection or those applications that require frequent updating.

To read the original article by Thomas Berger, visit the Citrix Blog.

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