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So for those of you who tire of the old Caxton style for AGEE on Citrix NetScaler, this article will be of great interest to you. This theme will update the look and feel of NetScaler/Access Gateway Enterprise to the new Symphony theme which you have likely already seen in Access Gateway 5.0, and Web Interface 5.4.

How to Implement the Theme:

Since this is a post-build customization, you will need to perform some special steps to ensure that the customizations survive a reboot of the appliance or vpx. At NetScaler initialization, the UI files are copied from the flash drive to the /netscaler directory so anything located there will be overwritten.

  1. Download the attached Symphony.gz file to your local computer or management server
  2. Use an SFTP or SCP file transfer client such as Filezilla or WinSCP to create a customizations folder under /var/vpn and then copy the symphony.gz archive to the /var/vpn/customizations location
  3. Log-in to the Command Line Interface with an SSH client like Putty or the local console and run the following command:
    • tar -xzvf Symphony.gz
  4. To persist the changes through a reboot, browse to the /flash/nsconfig directory and edit rc.netscaler with the following command on a new line:
    • cd /flash/nsconfig
    • touch rc.netscaler
    • echo cp -rf /var/vpn/customizations/Symphony/ /netscaler/ >> rc.netscaler
    • Note: If this file does not exist, you will need to create it but if you have previously configured NTP settings, this file should already exist and you will already see an entry for NTP source servers there
  5. Follow the steps below to update the files which contain build-specific references.

Build Version Specific Changes:

Several files in the AGEE UI have the build version embedded in various URLS. These are normally updated during the build process to reflect the current version but must be done manually here since this is an off-box Skin. Text in bold red indicate the required version specific change:

  • ns_gui/vpns/f_ndisagent.html – line 124:
    image.src = “http://localhost:”agentPort“/svc?NSC_AAAC=”ns_aaac“&nsloc=”nsloc“&nsversion=Enter your build number here in dotted decimal&nstrace=DEBUG&nsvip=”;
    image.src = “http://localhost:”agentPort“/svc?NSC_AAAC=”ns_aaac“&nsloc=”nsloc“&nsversion=”;
  • ns_gui/vpns/f_services.html – line 71:
    image.src = “http://localhost:”agentPort“/svc?NSC_AAAC=”ns_aaac“&nsloc=”nsloc“&nsversion==Enter your build number here in comma separated format&nstrace=DEBUG&nsvip=”;
    image.src = “http://localhost:”agentPort“/svc?NSC_AAAC=”ns_aaac“&nsloc=”nsloc“&nsversion=9,3,47,5&nstrace=DEBUG&nsvip=”;
  • ns_gui/vpns/postepa.html – line 71 and ns_gui/epa/epa.html – line 19:
    Change var nsversion=“9,2,42,6”; to reflect your build version
    var nsversion=“9,3,47,5”;

Copy Content to Working Directory:

Once you are done editing the above files, copy the customized content to the active working directory where the UI is loaded from with the following steps:

  1. Log-in again to the Command Line Interface with an SSH client the local console and run the following command:
    • cp -rf /var/vpn/customizations/Symphony/ /netscaler/

Testing Notes:

  • When testing the new skin, be sure to clear your browser cache via Ctrl-F5 if you had previously loaded the default theme
  • If you have the Integrated Cache enabled on the NetScaler, you may also need to flush or invalidate the Access Gateway specific portal content

Download Symphony Theme

Special shout out to Jesse Boehm and team of for the creation of this skin. is a pioneer in the field of Interface Customization Services, adding clients’ branding elements to the Web interfaces that employees, customers and vendors rely on for application delivery and remote access. customizes many of the most widely-used interfaces, including all versions of Citrix Web Interface, Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Access Gateway, Microsoft Outlook Web App, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Microsoft RD Web Access, Microsoft Threat Management Gateway 2010 and a number of others. Visit their company website.

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