Target Device Installation Error on PVS 6.1

An article by Christopher Laws from Riverlite

Recently I was installing Provisioning Services 6.1 Target Device software in to a Windows 7 virtual machine (hosted on XenServer 6.1) and during the installation, the following two error messages were presented:

PVS 6.1 Target Device Installation Error


After reading  a few articles regarding a potential fix (which indicated the issue was due to a previous failed attempt at installing the target device software), I checked the following registry key:


However, as this was the first time I had tried to install the software, these keys did not already exist….

After further troubleshooting, I found the issue to be caused by Citrix XenServer Tools that were installed on the virtual machine. Sure enough, after uninstalling Citrix XenTools, this allowed the install of the PVS target device software to complete successfully. I was then able to re-install Citrix XenTools and complete my vDisk conversion.


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